Tuesday, January 27, 2009

NWLB: Our Mission, and What's New

It occurs to me that perhaps we should lay out -- in the most clear terms as possible -- the mission of our campaign. It's pretty simple: We want to end campus sexual assault by advocating for women looking out for women. We are all about prevention. This does NOT mean that we advocate violence of any sort because we absolutely DO NOT.

When we say it is your responsibility to step in if you see someone being taken advantage of, we do not mean to act violently. We want to stop assault, not create more of it. We very much believe that education leads to prevention, so we're here to educate and prevent. Won't you help us?

I'm happy to report that we had a very successful meeting yesterday with Carrie Giese, the sexual assault prevention coordinator and educator on campus, as well as Linda Anderson of Sexual Assault Support Services, Alisha DeVogele from ASOSU, Lauren Chief Elk and many more. We're in the process of planning our big event but until we get some more details ironed out I'm not going to write about it ... Just keep your fingers crossed for us because if it all works out like we're hoping we're going to ROCK this campus, and probably surrounding campuses.

That's all for now, but stay tuned ...

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